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look at the one just sitting all proper on the couch
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Ancient Puppy Paw Prints Found on Roman Tiles
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- take a walk in the snow in your bare feet.

- light a cigarette and watch it burn; don’t smoke it.

- put on all your favorite clothes. layer them. look at the way they look on you.

- appreciate your body.

- smell your plants, even if they’re not flowers. water them, love them the way you want to be love. love them the way they want to be loved.

- remember you are one person now but there are so many people you can be.

- close your eyes and play a favorite song in your head.

- paint your nails then take the paint off. look at the bits left behind, imagine those as your problems, over time, you will scratch them off; they will disappear.

- pick a leaf off a tree, hold it, cry because you hurt it, but then remember it will forgive you, remember that you will always be forgiven. remember to forgive yourself.

- love yourself.

- love the freckles on your left cheek, the stretches on your toes, the scars on your wrist.

- love yourself.

13 ways to be at peace (via cynicallys)

(via cynicallys)

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A couple of new Tame Impala press pictures from Chile and Dallas respectively over at
This one was an out of focus out take..
I kind of like it the most.
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